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Garden Edging 100mm
  • From $30.00
Garden Edging 150mm
  • From $42.50
Garden Edging 300mm
  • From $80.00
Garden Edging 75mm
  • From $23.00

Our Selection Of Metal Garden Edging

Garden edging is used to create clean lines between plant and flower beds and other garden or backyard areas. A garden edge can define a flower border, a tree, shrub, or the transition from a patio to the outdoor space.

Garden edging makes it easy to see where different plants begin and end and helps make planting more efficient.

Corten steel garden edging is a must-have in every garden as it also pushes back against eroding earth and ground movement. Our metal garden edging is received as raw steel and will rust over time, blending seamlessly into your garden.

This rusting steel garden edging is durable and strong, maintenance-free, very easy to install, fits perfectly into different landscape styles and will last you years.

If you'd like to speed the rusting process, you can spray the garden edging pegs with water, and their silver colour will quickly develop a desirable rust patina.

Shop Our Metal Garden Edging Pegs

Our garden edging Australia selection includes different-sized metal garden edging pegs and their sets. Explore these garden edges and choose the best one for you.

Garden Pegs Set of 8

This Australian-made set of 8 metal garden edging pegs for securing garden edging is perfect if you have many garden edging ideas you want to bring to life.

Garden Peg Individual

You can buy an individual peg for your steel garden edge.

Garden Corner Pegs - Inside & Outside

Use these corner pegs to place on corners of your steel garden edge or garden constructions.

Garden Edging 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 300mm

We offer garden edging metal in different sizes for all metal garden edge needs.