Our Story

An untraditional beginning, a no-named business was born in the height of Melbourne's 2020 lockdown, with just one fire pit design, now named "The Ember".


The fire pit was for ourselves, our friends, to enjoy at home, while we were living one of the worlds harshest lockdowns. Without a name, logo or website, we simply listed the design on Facebook Marketplace.


Within two months, we had sold over 200 fire pits. The personable online communication with customers, day and night, built a rapport that gave us a wealth of feedback. We soon realised there was a gap in the Home & Garden space, that customers were finding much of the same designs and not exactly what they wanted.


By taking the time to draw and produce new products based on customer requests, we were starting to fill the gap. We realised we were organically becoming a brand of our own, a brand that people wanted to view in one place.


We proudly put a name and a logo to our humble side hustle and just like that, Metal Trend was born. It is our mission to reach people who are looking for unique, bold and high quality designs for their space. People who want products that will last many years to come.


Our products are made with intent, with quality materials, and handed over from our close-knit family business to you. We welcome you to follow and join our journey.