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Combining art and functionality, Metal Trend offers a range of firewood stackers in multiple sizes and designs. Browse the stylish range of firewood stacker and holders that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

8 products found in Firewood Stackers

X-Stack Firewood Stacker
  • From $210.00
Hex Firewood Stacker
  • From $580.00
Honeycomb Wood Stacker
  • From $1,480.00
Firewood Tower Stacker
  • $660.00
Octagon Firewood Stacker
  • $1,650.00


Firewood Stacker & Fire Pit Combo
  • $475.00
  • $450.00
Camp Stack
  • From $180.00
U-Stack Firewood Stacker
  • $205.00

Our Stunning Firewood Stacker Collection

Combining art and functionality, we offer a range of firewood storage options for your home. You can choose a stunning firewood stacker in multiple sizes and designs.  

Our modern firewood storage selection unites practicality and art and is of the highest quality, sturdy, and will last you for years.

Every single fire wood holder we offer is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

We recommend the Mild Steel fire wood holder for outdoor use, as it will develop a classic Rust Patina over time when exposed to the outdoors. We recommend the Powder Coated Black fire wood holder for indoor use.

The Metal Trend firewood storage blends seamlessly into any home or outdoor space, adding charm and style without overcrowding the area.

Our Fire Pit Firewood Storage Selection

We offer a stylish and practical outdoor firewood storage selection for

your garden and backyard. The best thing about our products is that the same firewood holder can also be your new indoor firewood storage favourite as it's suitable for any space and conditions.

Explore our best-selling metal wood storage options.

X-Stack Firewood Stacker

This X-shaped metal firewood rack with a contemporary and minimalist design allows you to store your firewood without crowding the space. 

It's the perfect outdoor firewood storage for Australia and its ever-changing weather as it will withstand any elements! 

Hex Firewood Stacker

This hexagon firewood storage rack offers a stylish and convenient way to store your firewood. Made from Corten steel, the hexagon outdoor firewood holder will develop a classic rustic patina once exposed to the outdoor elements.

Honeycomb Wood Stacker

The stylish and sleek honeycomb metal firewood storage is the perfect fire log storage that can be used both inside and outside. It blends seamlessly into your outdoor space, such as garden, patio, backyard, or terrace. 

Firewood Tower Stacker

One of our bestsellers, the popular firewood holder Australia has a unique design with sleek nature-themed cutouts on the sides. The design makes this firewood tower the perfect addition to any space and looks perfect with any fire pit or fireplace. 

Octagon Firewood Stacker

The Octagon metal firewood storage has modern, clean lines that create that desired contemporary look. This unique indoor firewood storage Australia can be used indoors, outdoors and even as camping firewood storage.

Choose Your Favourite Firewood Stacker

Whether you're looking for a firewood stacker for your garden, backyard or any other outdoor space or want to add a unique design element to your living room or cabin, Metal Trend firewood storage has an option for any taste and space! 

Choose from our wide selection of stylish firewood stackers and enjoy a stunning and practical piece for years to come!