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Campit Canvas Carry Bag
  • $25.00

The Ultimate Fire Pit Bag

A fire pit back is a must-have item for your portable fire pit. We've produced our portable fire pit bag to make your fire pit storage, use and transportation more convenient and practical. 

This fire pit bag is sturdy and will be perfect for your camping trips or barbecues at your friends' place. The portable fire pit bag is much better and safer for your fire pit than any other bag or box as it keeps your fire pit parts in place and protects everything from the elements when not in use. 

It's easy to use the firepit bag as it's designed to specifically suit the Campit. This black canvas carry bag should be in every fire pit enthusiast's collection!

The Campit Fire Pit Bag

Due to customer demand, we have produced this sturdy firepit carry bag to hold the Campit Fire Pit panels when not in use, providing easy transportation. This bag is a practical solution for camping or travelling with your fire pit. 

The Campit firepit bag is made from black canvas and has two velcro attachments. Our customers love our Campit canvas carry bag to store and carry the popular Campit Fire Pit. 

This fire pit bag is also in our unique Australian-made Campit fire pit bundle that has everything you need for travel & camping. Besides the fire pit and carry back, the bundle also includes a fire pit grill.

Buy the black Canvas Carry Bag now and always travel in style with your portable fire pit!