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Metal Trend's stylish range of outdoor fire pits that come in multiple shapes and sizes are designed and manufactured in Australia with high spec Bluescope Mild Steel. Find your centerpiece for outdoor entertainment and good times.

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The Campit Fire Pit
  • $120.00
The Campit Bundle
  • $205.00
The Soccer Ball Fire Pit
  • $750.00
The Octagon Fire Pit
  • $675.00
Deer Silhouette Fire Pit
  • $225.00
The Hex Pit Fire Pit
  • $240.00

Our Unique Fire Pits Selection

Our stylish range of unique fire pits in multiple shapes and sizes is designed and manufactured in Australia with high-spec Bluescope Mild Steel. An outdoor fire pit is the ultimate centrepiece for entertainment and relaxing around the fire with the family.

Your new fire pit will become an instant family favourite and a conversation starter with friends at any gathering. Choosing the right metal fire pit for your home is exciting as we have multiple contemporary fire pit designs to fit any space, be it a garden, backyard or terrace. 

Our outdoor fire pits are sturdy, exceptionally durable and will last you a lifetime, becoming a beloved family heirloom.

The metal fire pits have raw finish steel designed to rust over time, adding to its unique charm.

Explore The Unique Fire Pits For Sale

We offer a wide selection of Australian made fire pits that blend seamlessly into any outdoor space. These cool firepits come in various designs to suit any taste and preference. 

Choose your favourite from our selection of modern fire pits and steel fire pit designs.

The Ember Range

This heavy-duty fire pit is made from a high spec 6mm thick Australian Bluescope Mild Steel, making it exceptionally durable. It will last you a lifetime, unlike most other available garden fire pits that are much thinner and get ruined after a season or two. 

It's a bestseller among the unique fire pits Australia!

The Soccer Ball

The unique Soccer ball fire pit is an excellent addition to your outdoor space. Its exceptional soccer-inspired design with a deep pit, 5 legs and flame cutouts on the sides will give your space a modern centrepiece that at the same time will blend into the natural environment seamlessly.

The Octagon

The stylish octagon fire pit will be a beautiful addition to your backyard, terrace or garden. This low fire pit keeps the wood logs exposed, creating a cosy environment for your family and friends to gather and enjoy nature.

Hour Glass Fire Pit

This sleek and beautiful fire pit is our newest firepit for sale, and it will instantly become the centrepiece of any garden or backyard.

Designed in the shape of an hourglass, it keeps the firewood exposed and creates a cosy, warming environment! 

The Hex Pit

The Hex Pit unique hexagon shaped fire pit with exceptional design and distinct flame cutouts is easy to assemble, transport and store away. It is very sturdy, durable and double as thick as most other products on the market.

Deer Silhouette Fire Pit

The unique Deer Silhouette Fire Pit with beautiful design and distinct deer silhouette cutouts creates a unique ambience for the Holiday season but looks great the entire year too. 

The Campit

This unique fire pit is perfect for travel & camping. It's your best choice among the portable fire pits and is very easy to use, and transport as it has unique cutout handles, fits perfectly in the Campit Carry Bag and is lightweight.

It can also act as a small backyard fire pit for your home.

The Best-Selling Fire Pits Australia

Whether you're Googling "buy fire pit near me" or are looking to buy fire pit online in Australia, our unique, stylish and sturdy designs are the best choice for your home, travelling and camping needs!