5 Tips for Choosing the right Fire Pit for your Home

Fire pits are a great way to upgrade your garden, backyard or even balcony and enjoy all the perks of outdoor living. 

Is there anything better than gathering around the fire with family and friends, having a cosy evening with a cup of tea or gazing into the fire when you need time to reflect?

Whether you prefer one activity over the other or love mixing things up, a fire pit is an excellent addition to your home and the perfect outdoor decor upgrade. 

There are many metal fire pit styles and types available, and we're here to help you choose the best one for your home! 

Here are 5 tips for choosing the right fire pit for your home


Size matters

The first thing you should consider is the size of your space. Is it a large spacious garden, a cosy backyard or a smaller balcony? 

All these places are suitable for a fire pit as long as your local regulations permit it, but not every fire pit will fit each space. 


Larger space

We recommend opting for larger fire pits for big backyards and gardens as they will accommodate more people around them and look more suited style-wise. As you can imagine, a tiny fire pit might get lost in an ample space. 

Our heavy-duty Ember Range fire pit is the perfect choice for bigger spaces. It gives you enough surface for cooking and looks great in the middle of a big garden. 


The Ember Range Fire Pit

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Made from 6mm thick Australian Bluescope Mild Steel, this fire pit is durable and will last you a lifetime! Just imagine your whole family gathering around it and having a fun s'mores party! 

The Soccer Ball is a deep pit with 5 legs and flame cutouts on the sides that everyone (not only soccer fans!) will love. It blends right in to any environment and looks great wherever you place it.  


Smaller space

If your garden or backyard has limited space or if you want a fire pit for your balcony or patio, you might want to look for a smaller design.

You also want to be able to move around it easily. In this case, opt for fire bowl style fire pits that will add both style and comfort to your space. 

Bowl type fire pit is a classic design that will fit most outdoor spaces and never goes out of style. 

We've created a beautiful bowl-inspired fire pit for smaller spaces here at Metal Trend. 

The Octagon is a stylish octagon shaped wood fire that keeps the wood logs exposed and creates a cosy environment for your family and friends to gather and enjoy nature.

The Octagon Fire Pit

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Fire pit design 

It's essential to consider the firepit design when choosing the best one for you.

Are you looking for something industrial, traditional or maybe something that stands out? 

Understanding this will help you narrow down your choices. Most metal fire pits look great in any environment, so it's essentially down to your personal taste. 

We love our Deer Silhouette Fire Pit with the exceptional design and distinct deer silhouette cutouts that make it so unique. It's perfect for nature lovers and when you're looking for a centrepiece for your garden.


Deer Silhouette Fire Pit

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The Hex Pit unique hexagon fire pit with exceptional design and distinct flame cutouts is also an excellent choice for those looking for something unique.



Before buying your firepit, consider what is going to be its primary purpose. Do you want to create a cosy, romantic ambience or maybe have weekly grilling sessions? Or are you looking to use it while travelling or camping? 

Answering these questions will help you choose between the fire pits as some are more suitable for different purposes than others. 

Our Campit portable fire pit is perfect for travel and camping, is very easy to use and transport, is lightweight and fits perfectly in the Campit Carry Bag.



We always recommend considering a corten steel fire pit for your garden or backyard. 

Corten steel is durable and suited perfectly for any weather and different weather conditions. It develops a lovely rust patina that protects the firepit and gives it a unique look! 



Corten steel is also very easy to care for in the sense that there's pretty much nothing you need to do.

So if you want a firepit with minimal maintenance requirements, this will be your best choice.



If you have budget restrictions, then the cost of the firepit will also determine your choices.

However, remember that even if you start with a smaller fire pit, it doesn't mean it's a worse choice - it's just suited for a different space and may have a different purpose. And you can always upgrade when the right time comes! 


Fire pit accessories

One of the exciting things about getting a firepit is the many great accessories to keep building your collection! 


Fire Pit Accessories Collection
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Firewood stacker

One thing you will need first is a firewood stacker as you don't want to pile your firewood into a corner or in a cardboard box! 

We have a few firewood stackers available, including our best-selling 

X-shaped metal firewood basket with a contemporary and minimalist design that allows you to store your firewood without crowding the space. 


Fire pit grill 

If you're looking to do some grilling on your firepit, you'll need a grill! Our 

Ember Grill is the perfect accessory for fun Sunday afternoon cooking and enjoying your favourite foods. 

The carefully designed plate includes a grill section and a hot plate section. It has handles on either side for simple and easy transport.


Fire pit lid 

A firepit lid is an excellent accessory for keeping the firepit covered when not in use or transforming it into a small table! 


Fire pit carry bag

Lastly, a firepit carry bag comes in handy when you want to take your firepit camping or store it away when not in use. Our Black Canvas Carry Bag is designed to store and carry the popular Campit Fire Pit.