5 Reasons Your Garden Needs A Garden Sculpture

A garden is like an oasis where you can disconnect from the rest of the world. Relaxing or working surrounded by flowers and plants reduces stress, boosts your immune system and allows you to enjoy little moments of peace.

Your garden is like any piece of art - it's always a work in progress. What's the next step? May we suggest a garden sculpture? 

Adding one to your garden is one of the best ways to elevate it or even turn it into an open-air museum. 

Not convinced? We've got 5 reasons why it's a no brainer! 

1. Show off your personality and style 

Just like our clothes or home interiors show our personality, a garden also reflects who we are. 

By adding a garden sculpture, you have another way to express your preferences and style. Yes, your friends will be impressed, but you will also get to enjoy the art piece every time you take your morning coffee outside!

Garden sculptures come in different shapes, forms and styles. Whether classic, modern, rustic or minimalistic, all these artworks will create your desired atmosphere in the garden.

Our Moon Sculpture with circular cutouts is a modern interpretation of the moon that blends seamlessly into your outdoor space like a terrace, garden, or backyard. Perfect for a contemporary garden! 


Corten Steel Moon Sculpture

Check Out Our Corten Steel Moon Sculpture


2. Highlight your favourite parts

Have a flower bed you've been working on for months, a tree you've planted together with your kids, or maybe took a rustic wine barrel from your wedding reception as a souvenir? 

Whatever it is, a garden sculpture can draw attention to those parts of the garden and highlight what's important to you. 

Place the garden sculpture next to that tree, and you'll always have a reminder to visit the spot, show it off to your guests and share special stories.

Our corten steel Flower Sculpture inspired by the Dracaena flower gives your outdoor space a contemporary twist and will blend right in with your cherished bushes or garden beds. 

Corten Steel Flower Sculpture

Check Out Our Corten Steel Flower Sculpture

3. Fill in empty areas

Almost every garden has that spot where it doesn't have anything going on. It might be because you still didn't get to it, or maybe it's always shady there, and nothing ever grows! 

A garden sculpture is a perfect filler for such empty areas and will make a plain spot look like a well-planned garden strategy. Nobody will even notice the gap anymore, and you will get a ton of compliments for your taste in art. 

Our Globe Sculpture with tree and leaf cutouts is a beautiful art piece that will work ideally for such spots. Corten steel rusts over time when exposed to the elements, and the unique patina will make the sculpture look even more special.

Corten Steel Globe Sculpture

Check Out Our Corten Steel Globe Sculpture

4. Give your garden a theme 

Creating a themed garden is a project many people enjoy, and nothing helps reflect the theme better than a garden sculpture! 

Yes, plants and flowers are necessary, but adding a sculpture will tie the style together, whether you're going for an Australian bird or a futuristic theme. Our advice? Don't go overboard, because often less is more! 

5. Add visual appeal and texture

Art and garden sculptures complement nature like nothing else. Metal adds texture and draws the eye where you want it to go. 

It also adds colours and can help you create the colour scheme of your dreams. For example, corten steen and its rust patina look wonderfully among green plants and colourful flowers. 

And a tall garden sculpture can help you add height and create a layered look that can't be achieved with plants. 

Our extraordinary 3-sided meta Leaf Sculpture is an impressive centrepiece that will add height and texture to your garden. 

Corten Steel Leaf Sculpture

Check Out Our Corten Steel Leaf Sculpture

How to pick your sculpture

The great news about picking your garden sculpture is that it's entirely up to you and your personal taste. It's your garden, and you will be spending the most time there, so choose what you love, not what someone told you you should get.

However, there are a few things to consider before deciding. You don't want to end up with a too tall, too small or otherwise unsuitable option. So take height, width and proportions into consideration. It's also often easier to get a sculpture for an already predetermined spot as you can measure everything out.

Consider your garden style, too. If you're into French or Tuscan traditional styles, a massive modern sculpture might not look the best, and vice versa; if you're creating a contemporary garden, you might want to skip the antiques and go for metal and steel and modern shapes and designs.

Add a few pieces

One way to make a large garden look wholesome is to add a few sculptures. Placing one in the middle and a couple on the sides will bring the garden to life and turn it into a beautiful outdoor gallery for you and your guests to enjoy. If your garden is tiny, one might suffice, though.

To highlight the sculptures, you can add subtle lighting to allow you to enjoy your sculptures even at night time.

Where to place your sculpture

We've already touched on this a little, but there are a few other things to consider when deciding where to place your garden sculpture. 

The middle is always a great choice if you want the artwork to be seen from every angle. Otherwise, we'd recommend trying different garden areas too. 

How do you decide? Luckily we live in the modern age, and you can use technology to play around with the spots without needing to lug the sculpture from place to place.

You can use an app or special software to recreate your garden on your computer, or you can take a picture of the spots you're considering and then digitally add the sculpture there.

The last things to keep in mind are proportion, symmetry, height, and balance with the trees, flowers, bushes and other plants. You don't want the sculpture to look out of place, almost covered by some branches!