How To Make Your Garden Cosy & Inviting

Having a garden means having a constant source of inspiration and creativity.  

But how do you make a garden cosy and inviting not just in summer but all year round?

The possibilities are endless! You can experiment with different landscape ideas, new plants, flowers and decor pieces and make it your recharge sanctuary and an excellent socialising spot.

Intrigued? We explore all the best ways to do it in this article, so keep reading! 

  • Build a Garden Shelter

Whether your garden is large or small, a garden shelter is an excellent way to add cosiness! You can choose from a myriad of options, from a gazebo, pergola and garden pod to something smaller and simpler like an arbour structure or a pop-up tent you can build on-demand. 

Structures with a roof allow you to enjoy your garden even in the colder seasons and give you an "outdoor-indoor" living space for all seasons.

Structures like arbours and arches with climber plants can give the space another dimension and a lovely spot for your afternoon tea. 

If your garden is smaller and you don't want to overcrowd it with a permanent gazebo or pergola, a pop-up tent is an excellent choice because you can build it on demand.

  • Add Furniture

Furniture is a great way to make your garden more inviting and spend more time outdoors, even in autumn or winter.

There are many excellent options for whatever style you prefer, but we recommend choosing aluminium, resin wicker or wrought iron for durability and ease of care. 

You can place your furniture under the sky or your pergola or garden pod and create your own outdoor haven for entertaining or weekend reading sessions! 

  • Create Comfortable Seating 

All-weather garden furniture is an excellent way to make your garden cosy and inviting, but if your garden is too small or furniture is currently out of your budget, don't worry!

You can create a comfortable and cosy seating area with blankets, quilts and cushions at a moment's notice! 

Check your local second-hand shops for quirky, colourful and affordable options and be ready to enjoy a cosy nook or a picnic area with friends and family.

  • Illuminate It

Nothing helps create an inviting atmosphere as lights! After sunset, illuminating your garden will help you turn it into a magical wonderland.

There are plenty of options to choose from too! 

You can get solar lights for the entrance and dining area, wall lighting for your patio or gazebo, various spotlights to highlight your favourite plants and candles and tealights for meal times (be careful!).

A great way to elevate your garden lighting to another level is to use fairy lights or bulbs in yellow, white and other colours!

  • Embrace Colours 

Sometimes people avoid colours because they worry about "wrong combinations", but we're here to tell you that adding colour can help turn your garden into a uniquely magical and even exotic paradise. 

Colourful plants and flowers will help, but so will colourful cushions, planters, blankets and decor pieces.

If you're worried about making your garden too eclectic, choose a theme and create your colour palette based on that. Love Italian or French style? Then go for yellows, whites, greens and blues. Are you inspired by Moroccan souks? Red, gold, orange and blue will help you recreate the atmosphere!

  • Make It Snug and Warm

If you avoid spending time in your garden in autumn or winter because it gets too chilly and uninviting, we've got the solution! 

Embrace the season by making your garden a warm, comforting and snug place! Take note from nature and add quilts, blankets, rugs and cushions in the same earthy warming tones to your favourite area, or you can create a new secret spot with beautiful decorative garden screens! Bundle up and feel your worries melt away!

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Don't forget your dining or coffee table, which you can decorate with lovely seasonal style table cloths, lovely dried flowers or branch wreaths and arrangements. 

Creating inviting and beautiful designs by hand is a fantastic way to spend your free time and unleash your creativity! 

  • Use Planters 

Planters can also help you with your seasonal style or garden theme! You don't need to reorganise your entire landscape to make a few small but significant changes! 

Showcase your collection in beautiful pots and planters. Modern corten steel planters will work for any garden style and are perfect for both simple and intricate arrangements. 

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Let your imagination go wild and experiment with different arrangements and colour schemes. You can also use bark, stone, cork and other natural materials to elevate the designs.

  • Light The Fire 

Nothing makes a space as cosy and inviting as crackling fire! Whether entertaining your family and friends or planning a quiet evening with a book and a mug of herbal tea, a fire pit will make the experience special. 

Corten steel fire pits are a great way to add to cosiness! They blend seamlessly into any environment and require no special care or upkeep.

Here at Metal Trend, we have a stylish range of outdoor fire pits in multiple shapes and sizes designed and manufactured in Australia with high spec Bluescope Mild Steel. 

  • Add Metal Sculptures 

Adding a sculpture or two to your garden can make it an inspiring museum under the sky! Metal sculptures work well with any landscape and can be used as centrepieces or a way to fill in some empty spots in the garden. 

We love corten steel art for the outdoors because it's durable and doesn't require much care. The opposite! The natural elements like winds and rain make corten steel develop a patina that makes the piece even more unique. 

Our corten steel Garden Sculptures are a beautiful modern addition to any garden and can become a much-talked-about centrepiece! 

  • Experiment With Hanging Art 

Hanging art for your trees, bushes, or patio is one of the easiest ways to experiment with making your garden cosier and inviting. 

You can place smaller hanging ornaments on tree branches or fences and larger wall art on the exterior walls of your house, shed or garden pod. 

The best thing about hanging art is that it's mobile. Don't like the location? Change it in seconds! 

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