6 Awesome Fire Pit Party Ideas

One of the best things about having a fire pit is hosting your family and friends and having fun parties around it! 

And yes, you can simply sit around chatting with a couple of beers and crisps, but it's so much more fun to organise something special! 

From tastings to movie nights to camping adventures, it's all possible in your own garden or backyard! 

Here are 6 awesome fire pit party ideas and everything you need to make them a massive success (and a ton of fun)! 

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  • The must-haves

Before diving into the party suggestions, let's briefly talk about the party must-haves.

Besides food, you need to have these three categories covered to ensure you and your guests are comfortable.

  • Tools, utensils, plates, napkins

Eating with fingers might be fun, but we recommend stocking up on the fire pit cooking basics such as skewers, sticks and thongs. Also prepare enough plates, utensils and napkins for everyone. You can use your own dishes from the kitchen or purchase eco-friendly single-use stuff.

  • Seating 

You want your guests to be comfortable. Ask yourself whether you have enough chairs, benches and other types of seating. If not, get together cushions, blankets and arrange "Moroccan style" seating around the fire pit. 

Besides seating, have a few tables for snacks and trash cans or bags. 

  • Music 

While you don't have to have any music, it's always nice to play some tunes. Set up a speaker system or find a powerful Bluetooth speaker in the garden to create a laid back ambience. 

  • Fire pit kindling 

Two of the most important things for a fire pit party is wood and kindling. Don't forget to stock up on those, so you don't end up running to your local store with the guests waiting.

Party ideas

#1 Camping party

You don't need to wander into the great wilderness to camp! Set out some blankets, teepees, sleeping bags around the fire pit in your garden or backyard, and you can have a fun camping adventure at home!

What's the best camping food? Hot dogs and s'mores, of course! Buy enough hot dog buns, hot dogs (don't forget vegan options) and toppings and even more biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate for s'mores. Don't forget berries, peanut butter, bananas and other s'mores toppings to create a real camping feast.

Set out the trays near the fire pit, have someone tell scary ghost stories and have the best time ever. And pssst, even if there are no kids in your group, you're still going to love the party! 

#2 Wine Tasting 

Want a more elegant affair? Host a wine tasting party by the fire! 

You can ask your local wine shop experts for advice or find enough information online about the wines you could serve. We recommend getting 4-5 wines so you create an authentic experience.

You can select a wine region or another theme for your tasting party and then have a fun discussion about your favourite wines!

Besides the wine, get enough cheese, bread, olives, fruit, crackers and other wine snacks for your guests to munch on.

Make sure you have wine glasses, water, corkscrew and spitoons (even if no one is going to spit).

#3 Craft beer tasting 

Not a big fan of wine? Then swap it for craft beer! There are so many great small breweries out there and an afternoon sampling them around the fire pit is an afternoon well spent! 

Do some research about your local craft beer breweries and buy a selection for you and your friends to try. 

Make sure you also have nice glasses to make the experience more special and snacks to manage that alcohol intake! 

#4 Game night 

Charades? Uno? Trivia? A game night is even more fun with a fire pit roaring nearby. 

Gather a few board games so you have enough choice, set up the space with enough tables or blankets and have some simple snacks available. 

To make things more competitive, you can introduce some prizes or start a tournament, keep your scores and announce a winner a few months later!

#5 Movies under the stars

A few things are as romantic and nostalgic as outdoor movie nights. 

And it's not that hard to set up in your own garden by the fire. All you need is a big white bedsheet, a projector, computer and a speaker. 

Well, and of course popcorn, beer, juice and other movie snacks.

Pick a fun comedy everyone or a classic so that everyone enjoys and maybe leave indie specials for another time unless all of your friends are into them. 

#6 Karaoke night

Oh, what a night! Karaoke will get everyone moving and laughing, and this will soon become one of your favourite parties to host. 

It's pretty simple to organise a karaoke night by the fire pit because all you need is a karaoke app on your tablet or phone (of course, if you have a karaoke machine, use that). 

Not sure which songs to pick? Choose a theme, e.g. the 90s or rock classics and have everyone perform their renditions. 

If possible, set up a little "stage" area and set out seating cushions around it. You can also organise a spotlight or just enjoy the light of your fire pit. 

Lastly, don't forget snacks and drinks for your guests! 

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