5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Portable Fire Pit

A portable fire pit is perfect for travelling or camping, and if you like to move it around and use it in different spaces of your home. 

Garden, backyard, terrace or balcony - yes, you can easily move your portable fire pit wherever your heart desires. 

Sometimes you need more space for a party, so placing your firepit in the middle of the garden is a no brainer. Other times you want to create a cosy ambience for a romantic night - just bring it over on the terrace or a to the nook in the backyard.

So whether you have some road trips planned or want to get the most out of having fun at home, a portable fire pit is the perfect purchase! 

Not sure how to choose one? Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a portable fire pit. 

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1. The regulations in the area 

It's essential to understand fire safety regulations in the local area, whether it's your home or the destination you're travelling to. While many places allow the use of firepits and open fire, never do so before being 100% sure. 

Some areas will allow lighting a fire in a backyard yet forbid doing so in nature, so get into the nitty-gritty before you light it all up. 

Not following the regulations is not only irresponsible or dangerous, but it's also going to get you fined! 

2. Ease of transportation 

You want your portable fire pit to be easy to transport and move around. Nobody wants to lug a massive thing around or spend hours figuring out how to put it into the car! 

Our Campit portable fire pit is perfect for travel and camping. This firepit stands out because you can completely dismantle it and carry it like a briefcase! No need for large car trunks or two men for the job! 

Its set-up is effortless because of its practical flat-pack design made up of four panels that easily slot together. You'll easily and quickly set it up and pack it away as needed.

It also has unique cut-out handles, fits perfectly in the Campit Carry Bag and is lightweight.


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3. Safety measures 

As with any fire pit, you need to ensure safety and control the flame and smoke when using your portable fire pit.

If you don't have conditions to do so, e.g. you live in a place with an enclosed balcony, you might consider something else.

You also need to know how to control smoke so that you don't disturb your neighbours or endanger nature around you. 

If you have no experience with fire pits personally but still want one for your home, either take a course or have an experienced friend or family member with you at all times.

4. Fire pit design 

Looks matter! That's why when shopping for a portable fire pit, think about what style you prefer and what would look best in your garden or other space.

There are multiple choices out there, but if you're not sure what your preference is, opt for something with clean, classic lines that will fit right in anywhere! 

A corten steel fire pit is an excellent choice as it's very versatile and looks good both in nature and, e.g. on an open terrace.

5. Materials and care

While there are a few different fire pit materials out there, here at Metal Trend, we believe that corten steel is the best choice due to its looks and ease of care.

Corten steel is suited perfectly for any weather and its elements, be it rain, sun or wind. It's durable and develops a lovely rust patina over time which adds charm and a unique look to it! 

Besides that, corten steel is also easy to care for and here we mean there's almost nothing for you to do to keep it in shape!

There is no need to worry about applying coats of paint or running to cover it every time it drizzles! That's what we call convenience! 

Safety tips for portable fire pits

In order to enjoy your fire pit safely, there are a few things you should always keep in mind whether you're lighting it up in your backyard or at a campsite!

It's pretty straightforward, but if you're a novice, you might want to make a simple checklist in the beginning.

  • Position in the open air

Your fire pit should only be used in the open air so that the smoke can escape. Never use it indoors! The best place to set it is an open, paved, flat area if possible. If not, use bricks or pavers to protect the grass from burning and burn marks - this is very important to remember when camping. 

  • Protect the branches 

Don't position the fire pit under overhanging branches or trees because you don't want them to catch fire! The same goes for bushes and shrubs - remember that sparks travel far, so always set your fire pit further away from any of those. 

  • Don't sit too close 

Sitting around the fire pit is what it's all about, but be conscious of how close you're sitting! Don't set out your camping or garden furniture too close, so it doesn't catch fire or burn from flying sparks.

  •  Watch the kids 

Kids love fire and all the activities, from lighting it up to roasting marshmallows! Yes, they should absolutely enjoy themselves and create priceless memories, but always keep an eye on them! The little ones can get carried away, so supervision is crucial.  

  • Have water nearby 

Whether at home or camping, always have water nearby in case of accidents and when you want to put out your fire pit for the day. 

The Campit Bundle

Our Campit Bundle is the ultimate camping fire pit and accessory set perfect for travel and camping. It consists of a portable fire pit for camping, a carry bag and a fire pit grill for your favourite snacks! 

It's lightweight, easy to set up, pack up and transport! 


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