10 Simple Tips For Decorating Your Garden

A garden is a beautiful place to gather with your loved ones, spend an afternoon taking care of your plants or cosy up with a book and relax.

Plants and flowers create an exceptional environment, but you can add a personal touch with art and decorations to make your outdoor living experience even more special.

Small hanging art, large metal sculptures, planters or lawn edging can make a massive difference and help you express yourself. Need a little help?

Here are 10 simple tips for decorating your garden. 

1. Match your house

If it's a little overwhelming to decide which direction to go with your garden, follow the same style as your house's exterior. Live in a modern and sleek house? Then your garden decor should also be contemporary and minimalist. If your home looks more like something from Italian movies, you might want to match that style when decorating the garden.

2. Use ornaments and hanging art

Smaller ornaments and hanging art is easy to work with, and you can transform a garden area in minutes. There are so many spots you can hang your art, from a tree branch to a fence to a patio. 

These elements help draw focus to your favourite bush or flower bed, but they don't overpower or dominate. 

Our Round Metal Art from corten steel or black powder coating adds character and charm to your garden and can be hung anywhere.

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3. Don't use indoor decor

When decorating your garden, choosing outdoor art and furniture is essential. An indoor couch, table or ornaments will get ruined quickly by the elements, so that's very unsustainable! 

Always check whether an item is suited for outdoor use when purchasing. 

4. Use corten steel art 

One of the reasons why corten steel art is so great for the outdoors is that it's durable and resistant. Winds or rain will only make the piece more unique as corten steel develops a patina that blends into the landscape perfectly.

It also looks natural and doesn't overpower your beloved plants or flowers. 

Our corten steel Garden Sculptures are a beautiful modern addition to any garden or backyard and can become a much-talked-about centrepiece! 

5. Decorate the entrance

An entrance or a pathway to the garden always has a certain charm and magic! Make it even more special by adding garden art, hanging wind chimes, planting extra blossoming bushes or adding a decorative screen. 

Creating that transition from one space to another with a decorative garden screen helps shift the mood and adds to the mystery! 

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 6. Visit your local antique shop

Visit your local antique shop and look for older items that add character and charm to your garden. Old pieces will make a newer garden look more lived-in, and you might be surprised at what treasures you can find too! It doesn't have to be an expensive antique shop either - often, a flea market is an even better option for quirky pieces.

7. Use lighting 

There's nothing as romantic as a starry night in the garden. A cup of tea (or a glass of wine), soft music, and nature's sounds make it one of the greatest pleasures in life. 

Add an extra layer of romance with well-placed LEDs, fairy lights or lanterns. They are subtle and will allow you to enjoy your carefully designed outdoor space to the fullest!

8. Pots for plants 

Have a favourite flower collection? Putting them in one place allows you to enjoy these beauties whenever you feel like it! 

Showcase your collection in beautiful pots, whether classic terracotta or modern corten steel planters. You can even create layers and place some pots on the grass and others on, e.g. shelves. 

9. Lawn edging 

Another great way to tidy up the landscape and give it structure is garden edging. You can use it for pathways, flower beds or any areas you want to highlight. 

We love corten steel garden edging as it's effortless to install and blends into the natural environment perfectly. 

10. Get a sculpture

Lastly, a garden sculpture can be an impressive centrepiece or an excellent filler for those empty spots in the shade. Our corten steel sculptures blend into the environment and add that special feeling to any outdoor space.

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How to choose garden decor

Many people get overwhelmed when choosing the garden decor, but it doesn't have to be if you plan a little bit.

First, you can decide on a theme, style and colour scheme. Do you want the design to look modern, classic or maybe whimsical? This will narrow your options down. 

Don't be too rigid, though, because decorating a garden is supposed to be fun and exciting! Garden decor should reflect your personality, so whether you love Australian birds or are a fire pit enthusiast, let that shine! If you don't like something, you can remove it in the end!

Where to place decorations 

Any garden decor complements your garden or backyard. While there are no strict rules on where to place the pieces, a few guidelines might be helpful. 

  • Create a focal point. Love that beautiful sculpture you got? Show it off by placing it in the middle of the garden or at the end of the pathway.
  • Consider your garden size. Consider the proportions before buying. Tiny pieces might disappear in a vast garden, and giant decorations will be too overpowering. 
  • Play around. Not sure how a piece will look in a specific spot? Use software to digitally place it in your garden's photo, or if it's about the size, you can always place a cardboard box to get an idea.
  • Consider the seasons. Plants change with the seasons, so think about how a particular piece will look in summer and winter. Will fresh tree leaves completely cover the hanging art in summer, or maybe an item will look out of place once the winter comes? 
  • Don't overdo it. We all get carried away sometimes, but there can be too much of a good thing! Make sure you don't overcrowd your garden with ornaments and sculptures. You still want to see the plants and the flowers!