Create a zen-full oasis in your own garden or backyard with our unique metal firewood stackers, fire pits and sculptures!

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Our Most Popular Products

The hexagon wood stacker offers a stylish and convenient way to store your firewood.

The stylish and sleek honeycomb firewood rack is the perfect fire log storage that can be used both inside and outside.

A festive and elegant metal Christmas tree sculpture will make your Holiday decorating even more exciting!

The unique Soccer ball fire pit is an excellent addition to your outdoor space.

This heavy-duty Ember Range fire pit is made from a high spec 6mm thick Australian Bluescope Mild Steel, making it exceptionally durable.

This extraordinary 3-sided garden leaf sculpture from corten steel and mild steel is an impressive centrepiece for your garden, terrace, backyard, or other natural space.

This unique mini fire pit for camping is perfect for travel & camping. The portable mini Campit fire pit is very easy to use and transport as it has unique cut-out handles, fits perfectly in the Campit Carry Bag and is lightweight.

This metal art flower sculpture is inspired by the Dracaena flower and gives your outdoor space a contemporary twist while at the same time seamlessly blending into the natural environment.

This stylish and sleek honeycomb wood stacker is the perfect log storage that can be used both inside and outside.

This metal Glove garden sculpture is a beautiful art piece that will blend seamlessly into your outdoor space like a terrace, garden, or backyard.

Its unique design with sleek nature-themed cutouts on the sides makes this firewood tower the perfect addition to any space and looks perfect with any fire pit or fireplace.

The unique Deer Silhouette Fire Pit with exceptional design and distinct deer silhouette cutouts creates a special ambience for the Holiday season but looks great the entire year too. The Fire Pit Deer Design stands out and is a real conversation starter.


Combining art and functionality, Metal Trend offers a range of firewood stackers in multiple sizes and designs. Browse the stylish range of firewood stacker and holders that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

The modern and sleek stackers are the perfect addition to any space and look perfect with any fire pit or fireplace. They're the perfect decor piece and a real conversation starter.


Our stackers are functional, solid, stable, and high quality, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.


Our stackers are Australian-made and are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.  


About Metal Trend

What started as a side hustle during lockdown has turned into a small business with a mission to reach people looking for unique, bold, and high-quality designs for their space.


The fire pit was for ourselves, our friends, to enjoy at home, while we were living one of the worlds harshest lockdowns. Without a name, logo or website, we simply listed the design on Facebook Marketplace.


Our products are designed and made in Melbourne, with intent, quality materials, and handed over from our close-knit family business to you.


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